Mini Mondays - Building Your Mini Wall

New Year - new blog series! That's right, we are kicking off 2018 with our new Mini Mondays blog series. Each week we will feature a new mini - this could mean a mini quilt pattern, a pattern we turned into a mini or a freebie! It will change week to week. If we are featuring a mini quilt pattern - that pattern and it's big buddy will be 20% off for that Monday and Tuesday! 


So, this week to kick things off, we will be answering one of our most frequently answered questions.

"How do you hang your mini walls?"

All the females in our family have a mini wall in our homes. Mine is in my sewing room, Kristy's is in her hallway and Alayna's is in her bedroom. We kind of love them! Mini quilts are cheaper than art and add some color and pizazz to your space. 

Designing the Layout

My go to technique for designing the layout is pretty easy! I find a space on the floor that is about the same size of the open wall space. I lay the minis out and rearrange them until I like how they arranged. Spacing between the minis can vary from 1/2" to 1". Have a fun hoop, art print or license plate you want to mix in - do it!

Once you like the layout, snap a picture - just in case an friendly furry helper comes and makes a bed for themselves.

Hanging the Minis

I usually start on an edge and work my way through the design, keeping things pretty similar to the prearranged layout. To pin the mini quilts to the wall, I use short map pins like these. They make very small holes and they don't stick out! I use them in the top corners right where the binding meets the quilt. You can match the pin heads to the quilt background if you really want them to blend in. I only pinned the top two corners, but if you are putting your mini wall in a high traffic area, like a hallway, you may want to pin the bottom corners too!

Tada! Your mini quilt wall is complete! This is the fastest and easiest way we have found to hang minis. Plus, it is easy to change and redesign if you want a change or to add more minis!

Mini Wall

Get Inspired!

You have now seen our mini walls, but if you would like some more inspiration, we have made a Pinterest Board all about Mini Quilt Walls. Check it out =]

Check back next Monday to read all about our featured Mini and get it on sale. Happy New Year!



Sarah said:

Looking forward to making some minis with you! Happy New Year!

Buffie Lorah

Buffie Lorah said:

I love minis, and love Sassafras Lane designs! Looking forward to Mini Mondays!


Shaaron said:

Now I can look forward to Mondays! Thanks for spending the time to put this together.


Sharon said:

Now I can look forward to Mondays! Thanks for spending the time to put this together.


Shaena said:



Nikki said:

So flipping cool! I’m on board for some fabulous mini fun!! Happy 2018!!


Toni said:

Love minis! Can’t wait for this mini fest. Your designs are wonderful. Happy 2018!

Marra-Lynn Rodriguez

Marra-Lynn Rodriguez said:

Just getting into mini’s. Love the collage!

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