Introducing ZOOTROPOLIS!

Let's take a walk on the WILD SIDE!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you saw our daily introductions to the characters of Zootropolis throughout May. Zootropolis is our newest self-published book and is something a little different for us. I have always had an idea of a high rise building full of animals floating around in my mind and we finally figured out how to bring it to life. All the animals are fusible appliqué and can be set in the entire quilt or a fun pillow! We hope you experiment and play with these characters!


Lots of different animals all living in harmony under one roof, sounds like a movie! ;) We have designed a handful of large-scale animals for our Zoey’s Zoo, Sammy’s Safari and Finley’s Farm patterns, but have always wanted to expand that collection. There are 32 animals (plus a few smaller additions) in this book and each one has their own personality and goofiness.



32, yes 32 animals! It was an undertaking, but such a fun one! We asked on social media for your favorite animals and so many great ideas we had to narrow it down for the book. This was a difficult process, and maybe, just maybe, there might be a Zootropolis 2 in the future! We named many of our critters after family and friends and the rest received names that we thought fit their personalities! Do you have a favorite? Comment below and let us know which one(s)!



I love publishing our own books because we get to be in charge of everything - the design, the sewing, the photography, the page layouts and working with the printer! We stuffed this book full of everything we possibly could! In the book you will find:

  • Fusible Appliqué Instructions
  • A Quilt Pattern (66” x 80”)
  • A Pillow Pattern (14” x 14”)
  • 32 Full-size Reversed Animals Ready for Tracing
  • Layering Instructions for Each Animal
  • Fun Little Quips from the Animals
  • Multiple Pattern Bonuses and More!



We now have the Zootropolis books in stock and can ship them out today! Now, what else do you need/want to get started? We put together a little list below for you.

  • Building the animals is much easier with a Teflon Pressing Sheet
  • Don’t want to buy a plethora of thread spools to match colors? Use a Prewound Bobbin Pack with 25 different colors to use as the top thread
  • It is pretty hard to do fusible appliqué without some Fusible Web
  • Making the adorable pillows? You will need a few 14” Pillow Forms!


That’s all folks! Comment below and let us know which character is your favorite.


Lisa England

Lisa England said:

Ha Ha, no way I could pick just one! They are all so incredibly cute!

MarLane Dows

MarLane Dows said:

Well I have already made baby quilts with the elephant and the giraffe, but all of these are adorable. I think I want to make pillows which my grandkids can stack and sit on or lay on or just enjoy. Oh my, another project :)


Kathleen said:

I’m starting this as a quilt for my granddaughter. It will get lots of use. How would you suggest sewing down the pieces? I’m thinking zigzag would hold up best. Would that look ok?

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