Introducing the Parker Pack!

We have a new pattern out, well, it has been out for a couple months, but I have been slacking on blogging… sorry! Joining the ranks of our Bugsy Backpack and our Boulder Backpack is the PARKER PACK!

If you couldn’t tell, we love a good backpack pattern. This one is a little more structured than the Bugsy Backpack and a little less complex than the Boulder Backpack. The Goldilocks of the backpacks if you will! 

The Parker Pack is our take on a modern backpack and it can easily be converted to a tote bag. With a simple outside, this bag looks great in any cotton fabric, cork, canvas, vinyl or leather - we’ve made samples with all the before mentioned. You can piece the outside of the Parker Pack, quilt it, appliqué on it, embroider it, embellish it, etc. 

The Parker Pack features a zippered top, inside zipped pocket and an optional inside snap pocket. Finishing at 14in wide, 13in tall and 3in deep, this is the perfect backpack for everyday wearing! Throw in your essentials and take on the day!

We have Parker Pack Hardware Kits in both gold and nickel finishes. 

We made quite a few Parker Packs - check them out below.

Parker Packs

These two Parker Packs were made with my Favorite Things fabric. The backpack on the left is made by piecing green and teal prints and adding a teal cork for the handles and straps. We quilted the bag before sewing it together with some cross-hatching at the top and stitch-in-the-ditch along the stripes. Directions to piece your own here.

The Parker Pack on the right was made with the black triangle print paired with pink cork for the straps. I love this contrasting combination and this triangle print was a great option for a patterned backpack. 

Parker Packs

These next two Parker Packs are made up in cork fabric. The back pack on the left features leopard cork as the bag body with a pop of teal for the handles and straps. This is such a fun pattern to feature a fun print like leopard or snake skin. 

The Parker Pack on the right is QUILTED CORK! Yup, you read that right. Kristy put some forest green cork on her longarm machine and quilted some gold feathers on it. We paired the gold hardware and the lined natural cork for the straps to complete this beauty!

Parker Packs

We really wanted to see how the Parker Pack looked in different materials and here are two more. On the left is a backpack made with canvas quilted to a foam interfacing. Kristy followed the design printed on the fabric and it creates a fun texture. Add in a little pop of azure blue vinyl for the handles and voila. 

The Parker Pack on the right is made with some colorful snake skin leather I picked up at Mood on my last visit to NYC. I have been waiting for the perfect project for this material, something that I could let the fabric shine! We pulled the pink color from the bag body and chose a coordinating cork for the handles. 

Parker Packs

This Parker Pack on the left was a birthday gift. We used vinyl for both the bag body and straps - Pebbled Mulberry vinyl for the body and Pebbled Black vinyl for the straps. We used a gold hardware kit and love how professional it looks!

And last but not least, the Parker Pack on the right was made for my Pura Vida fabric Lookbook! We pieced it just like the Favorite Things version, but chose a warm color scheme for this one. Kristy quilted it like the original and paired it with a natural cork for the straps. 

We also put together a few YouTube Videos to accompany the Parker Pack pattern.

If you make Parker Pack, be sure to share photos on social media so we can see it! Post them to our Facebook Group or use our #sassafraslane hashtag on Instagram!

Stay tuned for some new patterns coming your way soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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