Favorite Things - From Inspiration to Fabric!

Here it is - as promised! There is always a story behind my fabric lines, and this one is no different. Favorite Things as designed to feature a few of my… you guessed it, favorite things!



I was designing this line right when I entered a creative slump. I was having a hard time getting inspired or creating in general. This happens to me every so often - in fact, it happens often enough, I have a process to help me get through it. I surround myself with my favorite things and take the time to notice the little things that make me happy. You know, those day-to-day things we sometime take for granted. That first sip of coffee in the morning, the wagging tail of your dog, the little dance your partner does while washing dishes.



I decided to mix a few of these things into some line drawings and just like that Favorite Things was born! I drew out nine different “things” but have a list much longer… maybe they will make their way into a future line!

Favorite Things Fabrics

Then the world changed when Covid-19 came onto the scene. We all are spending a lot more time alone and at home. I started to realize that finding joy in the same little things day-to-day was helping me get through my quarantine.



Let’s take a look how the final fabrics came to life and see the inspiration behind them! These are a few of my

Favorite Things Fabrics

Favorite Things Fabrics

Favorite Things Fabrics

Favorite Things Fabrics

Favorite Things Fabrics

Fabric6 copy

Favorite Things Fabrics




We made this Canyon Boulevard quilt using all 4 of the low volume prints to make a scrappy background and gradating the colorful fabrics diagonally through the quilt. Elsie joined us for this photoshoot. Surprisingly voluntarily!



We made two Firelights Lane quilts - one with the warm fabrics and one with the cool fabrics! It is fun to see the same pattern in two different color ways and sizes.



We designed Graphic Jam to accompany this line, so it uses all the skus (except the triangle prints) and I love how the scale of the designs looks paper-pieced into the blocks!



Kristy is addicted to making Hootsville Row projects! She has made one for every fabric launch and here it is for Favorite Things! There are two owls, one cool and one warm, sitting on cork branch in front of a moon.



This pattern is such a fun and a quick one to sew up! We remade our Wiley Way to feature 9 of the colorful fabrics and set them on the dark book print. I adore this quilt! Crosby did a little modeling for this one, but it took a few treats!



How stinkin’ cute are these moose faces in this Mini Wild Moose Chase pattern?! We used all 12 colorful fabrics to make the faces, set them on a the grey paw print background and added cork for the antlers.



And this is a little sneak peek of our Parker Pack pattern! It will be released very soon!



We have been told that this line will not be reprinted, which means when it is gone, it is gone! Fabric should be hitting the shelves in shops in the US this month and internationally by April. We are pre-selling bundles in fat-quarters, half yards and one yard cuts!



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Is it possible to purchase the fabrics in the Favorite Things line?

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