Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 8 Blog Tour

Welcome to our stop on Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour! Every year Quiltmaker publishes an amazing issue containing 100 unique 12" blocks. This newest issue, Volume 8, has a block by my mom and I. And... we are both on the cover! Look out world, we are cover girls =]

Rollin' Along by Kristy Wolf

My Mom's block is an adorable retro camper inspired by our family friend's camper. She used some bright orange and coral fabrics for the camper, a gradient fabric for the sky and a textured green for the grass. I love the white tone-on-tone circles and oval layered to create the clouds. She has added lots of little details like the keyhole, scalloped shades and little bird on the flag. 

Block Size: 12"
Block Number: 717
Block Name: Rollin' Along
Technique: Fusible Applique

Formation by Shayla Wolf

My block is a bright foundation pieced block that was inspired by a formation of planes during a flyover. They resemble flying geese, but are stretched vertically a wee bit. I chose a bright orange background and five fabrics variegating from coral to purple. Paper-piecing makes all the little points turn out perfectly, which I am fond of! 

Block Size: 12"
Block Number: 761
Block Name: Formation
Technique: Foundation Piecing

I had a fun time mocking up different color options for this block. Above are some of favorites including the original color way. I have a quilt design based on this block that will be in a future issue of Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks! It is going to fun! My Mom has a couple other vintage automobile blocks in mind for future issues and they are super cute!

Now for the goods! We are going to giveaway 3 issues of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 8. For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post (click the post title and scroll to the bottom) telling me your current favorite color scheme, and submit by midnight MST, Wednesday, November 13. I will pick three lucky winners and email them. =] Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the tour!


Teresa Rose

Teresa Rose said:

I would like to make a quilt using taupes and hand embroidery. Currently I am working on a quilt that has browns and blues.


Joyce said:

I love both blocks! My favorite color scheme lately has been black/white/red!

Lynn Nelson Markley

Lynn Nelson Markley said:

I love your retro trailer! I really like the black and whites.

Marilyn Tucker

Marilyn Tucker said:

Right now I’m into purples and greens.


Patricia said:

Awesome. So unique.

Laura McFall

Laura McFall said:

The camper block is my favorite – we are avid campers! I really like the other – the gradiations are wonderful! My current favorite colorways seems to be red white and blue…. Hmmm – that might look like Rockets! … nice….
Thank you!! L

Deborah Stone

Deborah Stone said:

I love your blog, and both blocks are great. My favorite, however, is the ‘flying geese’ take-off, it’s hypnotic. I like the ‘dusties,’ shades of grayed teal, mauve, green, and blue.


Cathy said:

I adore the camper. It is so cute. Hubby and I just bought a trailer this year and I need to make this block into a wall quilt to hang in it. Formation would make a very striking quilt. Thanks so much for the giveaway. Hugs

Sherry B

Sherry B said:

You crack me up…I’ve never been to your blog before but spent some time looking over your older posts. I had to bookmark it so I can go somewhere else with a faster connection to review more…you & your mom look like you have so much fun together. I love both your blocks & am looking forward to your new posts. I’ve been on a black, white & red kick so would like to try that out, plus make a camper block (maybe hot pad?) for my sister, since she likes to camp. Thanks for the eye candy!


Vivian said:

You can do so much with both those blocks. My favorite color scheme is white and brights, like reds, teals and yellows. Thanks.


SuzK said:

love both these blocks – the trailer, however, is the best! I normally like working with reds, but lately I’ve been working with grays and pinks…no idea why.


Melba said:

Love the blocks. My current favs are red and light blue. Just love they way they look together!! Thanks for a chance to win.


Andresa said:

Love the idea of doing this block in gradated (?) colors.Just let the block itself give the movement in the quilt.


Deborah said:

Right now I am surrounded by blacks and tans with bits of orange thrown in! Thanks-


MaryLou said:

Both blocks are wonderful – love the camper Rv – with so many possibilities to play with and the awesome Formation block – can see this with so many color variations – what a quilt that would make — favorite color is green but have been playing in reds and creams of late… maybe holiday time is creeping in.
Thanks for the chance..


Lou said:

Am loving teal and orange right now.
The camper is adorable and yours is just stunning!!!!! Would love to see that one in a fullsize quilt!

Connie Hendryx

Connie Hendryx said:

Love the two blocks!!! I’m working on a baby quilt for my new grand-niece with purple, gray, and a splash of yellow! chendryx(at)nctv(dot)com

Megan Griffith

Megan Griffith said:

Grey and Yellow! Oh, or red, pink, and turquoise!

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said:

What fun blocks! I LOVE the camper trailer!!! It’s adorable! The formation block is great too!


Tamie said:

I love aqua and red- not real original.

carol in indiana

carol in indiana said:

As I am sewing for friends, I’m using ‘their’ colors ; ) yeah, you know what I mean … but, they are dk turquoise, lime[kind of], and some red.

I like a mix of pinks/greens and tangerine/blues


Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison said:

My colors TODAY are orange, yellow, brown and black. Tomorrow, who knows?

Marlene Clausen

Marlene Clausen said:

My favorite color scheme at the moment is turquoise and tangerine. I just wanted to let you know that I probably would never buy the 100 block mag, but this issue I am and just to get the travel trailer block. It is an absolute Have to Have!! Thanks to your mom for designing it.


PJB said:

Love your blocks. My favorite color scheme is shades of blue.


Kalynn said:

So much fun – your are amazing
Thanks for the chance to win

Julie in WA

Julie in WA said:

I love these two blocks!
Favorite color scheme? It generally goes with the season. So now I am loving the autumn browns, reds, golds, oranges. But Red and Green are quickly worming their way into my space!

Mary Jo

Mary Jo said:

Red is in everything I make! I love red SOOOOO much! I love it with black, medium green, white, pink, mustard yellow! The combos never end!! I make my color scheme to go with the blocks I am making!

jamie todhunter

jamie todhunter said:

I like both quilt blocks. Your mom’s attention to detail makes her block pop. I like how your block has a look of lines of planes. My favorite color is blue.

Pamela Reim

Pamela Reim said:

Trailer block is so cute!. Love the other block for coloration plays. Colors of the moment— love teal, burnt orange and grey.

Mel Meister

Mel Meister said:

Currently, I’m loving purple and green. I gotta say, I love that trailer block! Wonderful@


Amanda said:

Loving the matching up of cherry, stone, and mint right now!

Susan Blumenshein

Susan Blumenshein said:

If that “Rolling Along” isn’t the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile, I’ll stop eating chocolate! I would do the trailers in scrappy and not stick to a certain color scheme except for the background. I do enjoy working in cool colors and am now working in blue, green, & purple. The Formation Blocks is also wonderful. Reminds me of the mountains in my area and could be done in so many color combos. Thanks for the chance to win. I would be so Happy, Happy, Happy!


Rose said:

I love the earthtones.Congrats love your blocks campers awesome thanks for the chance to win.


Annmarie said:

Your blocks are quite diverse but they are both AWESOME. Would love to see Formations made up in gradation shades of aqua to bluegreen to greens to blues (water, land & sky), my favorite colors right now.


Carmen said:

Love the blocks. The trailer is sooo cute, I want one!


Bridget said:

My last two projects have bright green, yellow, fushia and purple. One is a Christmas stocking(believe it or not) for my grandaughter and the other one is a quilt, also for my grandaughter, and they are both totally different.
Love both of your blocks, your mom’s especially is so cute.


SewCalGal said:

I like both of your blocks, but the trailer block just inspires me to make a quilt for friends that enjoy traveling in their camper. And, of course, I’d love to curl up under such a quilt too! Fun to dream of all the places I could see traveling in such a trailer.



WyoDi said:

Turquoise and Purple, my wedding colors. Congrats on BOTH of you making it as COVER GIRLS for V8!!


KT said:

I love that trailer block!

Kay L Ford-Sollimo

Kay L Ford-Sollimo said:

I must admit that I’m partial to the latter – retired math teacher might explain that. It “speaks” to me.


Sandy said:

I’m working on a pink and brown scheme right now.. Love your blocks, especially the camper, gotta make it!!,

Kelly Johnston

Kelly Johnston said:

The rolling along block will be such fun. I’m going to do the block in camo and hunter orange for my deer hunting boys.


Darlene said:

I’m currently working on Christmas projects, so it’s Christmas greens and reds. I normally enjoy pastels, and am determined to make a blue and yellow quilt in the spring!


Michele said:

I’m on a teal, purple and silver kick.

Connie Higgins

Connie Higgins said:

White (beige/cream), black and red are my current fav combo. Although most of my quilts are Red, some form of white, and blue with out being patriotic.

Sheila Ivany

Sheila Ivany said:

My favourite colour scheme is lavenders, greens, pinks and off whites. Your Mom’s Retro Trailer block is a reminder of the trailer we used back when!!! The Formation block has so many possibilities for designs in a quilt. Thanks & Congrats.
Happy Quilting:)

Mel Meister

Mel Meister said:

Currently, I’m loving purple and green. I gotta say, I love that trailer block! Wonderful@

angela Neff

angela Neff said:

Congrats on being covergirls. Love both the blocks! PAcker colors!

Aleta Groat

Aleta Groat said:

I’m using Rollin Along to make a quilt for my granddaughter, 12 blocks, each month themed. I’ve altered the block, but kept the camper in tact. This is a fun block!

Tim Hobbs

Tim Hobbs said:

I’m new to quilting and my first project is going to be caravans and I want to start making something similar to this for myself so I’m hoping that you’ll be able to help me out, thank you 🙏 did I say that I’m 71 and new to this.
Thanks again for an interesting blog.

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