Let's all take a moment to say, "WOW"!

This is just a short little blog post to show you some quilty eye-candy! I just wanted to show off this gorgeous elephant art quilt made by Darlene Determan. This is an original art quilt and there is no pattern for sale. 

I am a lucky girl. I get to see quilts like this in person when my Mom (the amazingly talented Kristy of Wolf Creek Quilting) is quilting them.  

Quilt Stats

Maker / Artist: Darlene Determan
Quilting: Thread Painting by Kristy Wolf
Size: 20" wide by 68" tall
Style: Art quilt created by cutting individual pieces of scraps and layering them with glue
Amazing-ness: Off the Charts!

Thanks for stopping by to oooh and ahhh with me!



Sarah said:

Really stunning and unique — and what a compliment to your mom that the artist entrusted her with such a work of art!

sarah schraw

sarah schraw said:

Woah! I can’t imagine how that’s even done.

Reminds me of the quilt that just won a big art competition in Grand Rapids, MI:



Susan said:

WOW is right. What a beautiful piece. I love the idea of using glue to place them, then quilting everything….these women have such talent. Thank you so much for sharing – and inspiring!!

Anita C

Anita C said:

I don’t know that WOW is enough. Absolutely gorgeous. I can only imagine that it looks even better in person.


Kathy said:

This is simply stunning! Makes me want to expand my quilting world and give something like this a try! Thanks so much for sharing, it’s gorgeous!

Shirley Bell

Shirley Bell said:

Just blown away. Makes aspire to try harder.


Allie said:

Is it possible to buy this quilt or a replica?
It’s stunning!


Andrea said:

can this be purchased? It is absolutely amazing and my daughter loves elephants.


Maria said:

Stunning………..gorgeous quilt…………God bless those hands and talent…………..


Paula said:

This is AMAZING!!!! Can I have one? Is your mom selling them? I have kind of passion with elephants, and this art work is incredible!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Kelly McMahon Goldstein

Kelly McMahon Goldstein said:

This is stunning. I’m writing to ask permission to reproduce this quilt as a hooked rug. It would NOT be for resale purposes; for my pleasure only. Can you please let me know whom to contact?

Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann said:

You are gifted!! Your art work is beyond painting!! Colors & placements so unique.
Thank you for sharing your work!

Carrie Phillips

Carrie Phillips said:

sooo beautiful!! Can I purchase this? I love elephants. Love love love

Lynda Thompson

Lynda Thompson said:

I’m interested in the elephant pattern. Can you buy the pattern.


MIndy said:

Just stumbled on this on Pinterest…it is beyond incredible!! I have only recently started sewing/embroidering/applique and my neighbor is beginning to teach me quilting stuff. I can’t even imagine having the talent to do something like this! It is so beautiful.


maty said:

This is incredible. Can this be purchased??

Cathy motyka

Cathy motyka said:

I am looking for an elephant pattern if you know of one please end me the information

Vicki  Barron

Vicki Barron said:

I would really love to know how a can get my hands on this Awesome elephant art quilt in a pattern.

Beautiful Work!
Vicki Barron

Lendia Kinnaman

Lendia Kinnaman said:

Is there a pattern for the elephant? If so how to I get one?
It is fabulous and the colors are so wonderful. Great job


Karen said:

What a masterpiece! The way you used the Kaffe Fassett fabric truly brings the elephant to life.


Shannon said:

Is it possible to purchase the pattern for the elephant quilt. Please let me know. I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for your time.


Lorraine said:

Absolutely stunning. I too would love a pattern.


Julie said:

I’m with everyone else! I would kill to have a copy of this pattern. I foster 11 orphan baby elephants in Kenya. <3

I didn’t see an answer on any of these, so I’m sorry if there was and I missed it!

Evie Bystrom

Evie Bystrom said:

Thanks for getting my creative mojo back on after a long battle with cancer. Saw this and had to try to replicate. It’s a soothing process.

Caroline Gerneglia

Caroline Gerneglia said:

It is gorgeous! And I too would like to be able to purchase a pattern.


Terry said:

Everyone! She says at the very top ’"this is an art quilt and there is NO pattern."
It is a wonderous piece of art!


Susan said:

This is stunning! LOVE it!


Charlene said:

Absolutely amazing! So beautiful.

Shirley Grahek

Shirley Grahek said:

I would love to make this. I would love to purchase a pattern, please. If you do not sell them Would you mind if I made my own pattern from your picture?


Karen said:

Amazingly beautiful!

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