Sewology Sunday - Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing machine needles are an integral part of your sewing arsenal, and knowing what kind to use, and when to use them is paramount to happy stitches!

I found a fabulous PDF Needle Handout (Click Here) that you can print and use. It has an incredible amount of information on the different type of needles, uses, sizes and description. It would be a great guide to handout out in a beginning sewing/quilting class!

Here are some basic facts that I find useful!

  • The larger the number, the larger the needle (opposite of thread sizing)
  • Changing your needle with each project is best
  • A universal needle is a cross between a ball point and a sharp needle and not always (maybe never) the correct needle to use when piecing quilt tops.  The fabric is often too tight of a weave.
  • Skipped stitches are almost always a needle issue (wrong size or dull)

How a Stitch is Formed                               Anatomy of a Needle


When piecing quilt tops I almost always use a  70/10 microtex needle.  It's sharp and works well with the 60/3 (60 weight - 3 ply) thread I use.

When I am making bags and need a stronger needle, I generally use a jeans 90/14.  They are sharp and strong enough to go through the many layers of fabric, batting and interfacings, and work well with the thicker topstitching threads.

So, thats my two cents on needles, hope it was informative - Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!



Debbie  St.Germain

Debbie St.Germain said:

I am always trying to figure out what needles to use, this is a great tutorial and a good idea for a handy guide.
I also have feet, that I have never used and found that I have an accessory book that explains the feet and how to use them, so time to learn.

I also received my issue of the magazine and maybe I will add a little owl on a branch for another quilt for my grandson, if he ever gets here. She has been in labor for two days, so hoping tonight is the night.


Londa Rohlfing

Londa Rohlfing said:

excellent! This sewing professional (and a machine dealer for 13 years) agr the s with you completely!!


Pam said:

Thanks Kristy and Shayla! I am teaching some classes and have been looking for needle info that is easy to understand. I should have known to start with you and saved myself a lot of time!

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