Blogger's Quilt Festival: Scrap Quilt Entry

I stumbled across Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival last Fall when she was announcing the prize winners. I scrolled through and clicked on all the beautiful quilts that had been posted and bookmarked her blog! I wanted to make sure I participated the next time. Well that time has come! Be sure to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival for lots of beautiful and inspiring quilts.


I know I have shared this quilt before, but I thought it would be perfect for the Scrap Quilt category. I think it could have been great in the ROYGBIV and Quilt Photographer categories too. I love the old orange pickup truck we shot it on. This is my Rainbow Lombard Street Quilt.

This quilt is scrappy. To the max! Not one of the colorful fabrics is repeated more than once. We have our scraps in color-coded bins, and that is where I began digging for this quilt! Here is the giant pile about to tumble over:

From there, I cut the scraps into triangles. These piles were so pretty =] You can see in this photo that there are already triangles on the design wall... welp, that is because I cut the entire first quilt too small. Oops.

Quilt Stats:


  • Finished size: 47" x 54"
  • Fabrics: Scrappy Mayhem on a Kona Solid White background
  • Foundation paper-pieced
  • White binding with a bright orange piping
  • Pieced by moi and Quilted by Kristy Wolf (my mom!)
  • Blogger's Festival Category: Scrap Quilt
Be sure to check out our Atlantic Avenue in the ROYGBIV category!



CitricSugar said:

This is so pretty and fun! I love the lightning bolt effect from the white fabric, too.

And I may have been spending too much time with my young, “Cars”-loving nephew, but that top photo looks like Mater is giving McQueen a quilt he made to keep him warm between races, which completely makes me smile….

Lynn Wilder

Lynn Wilder said:

Love the quilt and I love the pickup! The stack of fabrics look good enough to eat.


Tiffany said:

I love this!


Aoife said:

Lovely! At first I see the white jagged roads and then the individual triangles and back again. It’s beautiful!


Sarah said:

I love everything about this!! I’m an absolute sucker for gradient (check!), the white “bolts” that pop out of the background are perfection, and that old pickup truck color-matched to the orange piping… AYKM?! Beautiful! ;)


Mary said:

This is just a wonderful design, very well executed. Congrats!

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