Sewology Sunday - Why we love Starch! February 10 2013, 3 Comments

 Sewology Sunday - Starch

Happy Sunday everyone! The perfect day for sipping tea, watching snow fall, magazine perusing and of course... sewing! For today's Sewology Sunday we are going to discuss Starch: a sewing girl's best friend! There are many reasons we love Starch. 

Sewology Sunday - StarchWe use Faultess Heavy Spray starch. It is available at Walmart for about a $1.00.  It is a good deal for us because we can go through a can or two on a quilt top! 

Why we love to Starch our fabrics:

        • Tames bias edges (good for those 60 degree triangles!)
        • Creases from long term folds iron out like a dream!
        • Starch makes fabrics equal (batiks and homespuns will behave the same)
        • You have more control over fabrics when sewing. (edges ride nicely next to the flange on a 1/4" seam foot)
        • Creases are much crisper
        • Points are are sharper
        • Fabric doesn't shift when rotary cutting
Some of our great quilting friends prefer to make their own starch! It is much more economical than buying the spray starch, just a little stickier!

Sunday Sewology - Starch
How to make your own spray Starch:

          • Mix 1/2 cup cold water and 1/4 cup Argo corn starch
          • Add 4 cups of boiling water. Stir well.
          • Let the mixture cool.
          • Make sure to shake mixture before spraying on fabric!

We love and use starch all the time, but we realize not everyone does! It is something we strongly suggest for a few of our patterns (the ones with bias edges, like Diamond Alley and few coming soon, for example!) Thank you for stopping by for Sewology Sunday!