Blogger's Quilt Festival - Original Quilt Design

Every year during Quilt Market and Festival, Amy of Amy's Creative Side, hosts an amazing virtual quilt show called the Blogger's Quilt Festival. We are once again sponsoring the Modern Quilts Category this year, so be sure to go enter! We are going to throw our hat into the ring for the Original Quilt Design Category with our new BOM pattern, Arcadia Avenue. Here are a few photos of it:

Arcadia Avenue - our new BOM quilt pattern!

Arcadia Avenue - our new BOM quilt pattern!

Arcadia Avenue - our new BOM quilt pattern!

Quick Quilt Stats:

    • Made by: Moi!
    • Quilted by:  Kristy Wolf
    • Quilting: Extraordinary Doodling! =]
    • Pattern: Arcadia Avenue (coming soon!)
    • Fabric: Dear Stella Confetti Dots, Sunburst Stripes and Solids
    • Finished Size: 72" x 90"
    • Techniques: Paper-piecing
    • My Favorite Part: The 12 unique blocks!
    • Blogger's Festival Category: Original Quilt Design

Arcadia Avenue - our new BOM quilt pattern!

The book will be available through the website this weekend and we do a few more blog spots with lots more information! Thanks for stopping by!



Snowcatcher said:

SPECTACULAR quilt! Love the rainbow theme!

becky m

becky m said:

This is just stunning! I’m speechless! :)


Rina said:

I can’t find the words for it except to say it’s jaw dropping wonderful. It’s one of those quilts that you just keep looking at and discovering new things.


Kitty said:

Wooow!!! Stunning and original indeed!! GREAT JOB!

Lisa E

Lisa E said:

I first saw Arcadia Avenue through Fat Quarter Shop’s Instagram feed. I LOVE this quilt and can hardly wait to try it out myself.


Kirsty@Bonjour said:

This is wonderful! I could look at all the different blocks for hours. Well done on such a fantastic design!


Anne said:

Is there paper pieced?

carrie wikander

carrie wikander said:

All I can say is WOW! This is an incredible design and really beautiful quilt! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Anita L

Anita L said:

This is incredible! I love it! Even from the little thumbnail I knew I was going to vote for it but I had to click in and see your post. Just gorgeous!


Sally said:

Wow! That is a fantastic quilt. The colors and the composition are so festive!

Amy Garro

Amy Garro said:

Absolutely love this!!


Laurel said:

This is amazing! Great job!!

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