Ben Darby's Lullaby Lane Quilts!

I know I have said this, but I can't help saying it again! We LOVE seeing your creations. Everyone has their favorite color schemes and individual styles. Seeing your spin on our patterns keeps us in the studio designing!

That being said let's check out these two amazing Lullaby Lane quilts Ben Darby made for twin boys! Everything about these quilts makes me swoon! The photography, the retro fabrics, the perfect piecing, the added rocket appliqué and the spiral quilting.

Quilt Stats:

Ben writes an amazing (and well photographed) blog about his quilting adventures. I originally stumbled upon his blog when someone pinned this great mini quilt he designed and made! There is some major eye-candy over there, so go check it out!

All the photos in this post were taken by Ben Darby. There are a lot more amazing shots over at his blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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