12 Different Ways to Cut a Fat-Quarter March 09 2017, 1 Comment

If you are like me, you collect fat-quarters of your favorite fabric lines. I can't always justify buying multiple yards of an entire line, but a fat-quarter bundle, I can usually manage! These are usually my favorite pieces of fabric and I hoard them until the perfect project comes around. When that project comes around, I want to make sure I can get exactly what I need from my 18" x 21" fat-quarter, so I put together a handy visual. Below are 12 different ways to cut a fat-quarter! 

12 Different Ways to cut a Fat-Quarter

Feel free to pin this to your Pinterest board or print out a copy to keep by your sewing machine. I have one pinned to the cork board next to my computer where I can reference it while writing patterns! Please let us know if there are other charts and info we can put together for you in the comments below. Happy sewing and fat-quarter cutting!