New BOM Naming Contest

***CONTEST CLOSED! Our new BOM name is GRAPHIC JAM!***

HELP! Our new block-of-the-month pattern book needs a name!

We have been stumped on what to name our upcoming BOM pattern, so we are asking y’all for a little help. To make it fun, we are going to hold a little contest! We are putting this contest out on our blog, Facebook and Instagram.

We are looking for something cute, clever, funny or just down right amazing - bonus points if it is a street name (avenue, drive, street, circle, etc.)! Comment below with your favorite name(s) and we will pick a winner next Friday (4/2). The winner will win bragging rights - And if that isn’t enough, you will also win the pattern book for you and a friend, before anyone else can get it!

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New BOM Naming Contest

Pattern will be released in late May and this digital mockup contains a little sneak peek of my newest fabric line with Windham Fabrics, Favorite Things!


Angie King

Angie King said:

Staggered Crossing

M Burgess

M Burgess said:

Stay Positve

Sally Christiansen

Sally Christiansen said:

At The Corner of 12th and Vine

Shelley C

Shelley C said:

Argyle Crossing – Reminds me of argyle socks.

Deb Swords

Deb Swords said:

The Cross walk

Janie Benander

Janie Benander said:

Rainbow Crossing’s


Connie said:

Time Warp- it reminds me of Twight Zone!


Sandra said:

Scenic Cross Over

Pam Gardner

Pam Gardner said:

I like Cross Roads

Debbie Webb

Debbie Webb said:

Give It a Whirl

Jan McEachern

Jan McEachern said:

Crosstown Way

Cristine Mincheff

Cristine Mincheff said:

Sassafras Star Nebula


ma said:

road to cairo


Molly said:

When I saw the lovely colors it made me think of the northern lights. So I thought of “Aurora Way”

Cheryl McCann

Cheryl McCann said:

I’m going current events and suggesting “Corona Crossing.”
Might as well own it!

Debbie Nichols

Debbie Nichols said:

Kaleidoscope Crossing


Kim said:

B2 Blvd
The exponent did not get pasted; it should read “B squared Blvd.”
That could also stand for a lot of ideas if you want:
Beautiful Blocks Blvd.
Bodacious Blocks Blvd.; or as is.


Marje said:

Cross Avenue

Cassandra Collins

Cassandra Collins said:

Every Which Way


Sherrel said:

Viral Quilt

Pam Davison

Pam Davison said:

Aurora Borealis


Sue said:

Positively United

Ms Sam Nicholson

Ms Sam Nicholson said:

Why not Covid19

Julia Smith

Julia Smith said:

After all we’ve been through how about Positive Thoughts



Which Way


Wendy said:

Down sassafras Lane to happiness Circle


Cindy said:

I would name it: A+++

Sheryl Kitamura

Sheryl Kitamura said:

Positive Pathway!


Andrea said:

Two suggestions:
Plus Parkway
Sum Summit


Dena said:

I kept thinking of names and could not decide :)
Hop scotch drive
Hop Scotch way
Queensbridge Road
Rotary street
Stitchwell road
Thread Street
Union Square
Cross Lane

Constanze Bock

Constanze Bock said:


Crystal J Smith

Crystal J Smith said:

Street Crossing

Julie K Brandes

Julie K Brandes said:

cul-de-sac crossing
positive vibes


Christine said:

Ankara Rainbow. The fabrics remind me of bright african fabrics and the crosses are arranged in a rainbow. Beautiful. Ankara is also known as African wax prints or Dutch wax prints. Per wikipedia they are colorful cotton cloths with batik inspired printing.

Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson said:

How about Positive Pathway?


Carol said:

Road to Recovery


Andrea said:

Couple more suggestions:
Calculated Crossroads
Cipher Summit


Debbie said:

Chromatic Crisscross
Crisscross Junction
Kaleidoscopic Crossroad
Prismatic Springs Crossing


Andrea said:

One more suggestion 😀-
Geometric Jungle

Linda Sapp

Linda Sapp said:

The Wizard’s Wardrobe

Linda Sapp

Linda Sapp said:

Over the Rainbow

Sue Gallagher

Sue Gallagher said:

Positive Place or Positive Crossing

linda s

linda s said:

since we are all in this together at the moment, how about
All Together Now

:) Linda

Linda F

Linda F said:

Star Crossed Diagonals

Carol Hudson

Carol Hudson said:

Here’s a couple possible names:

Rainbow CROSSRoads
Rainbow Promenade
Crossroad Boulevard


CC said:

CrossTown Gridlock

Block’d Intersection

All Roads Lead In

Traffic Jam in Motion


Diana said:

Accentuate the Positive Lane

jean h

jean h said:

Sassy Crossroads
Urban Crossroads
Divided Highway
The Highway
Rendezvous Ridge
Privet Trails

Nancy Cochran

Nancy Cochran said:

Any Switch Way


LisaE said:

Lombard Street

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