Free Groovy Wolf Appliqué Pattern

When I first graduated from college, I dabbled with the idea of being a graphic designer. My logo was a fun wolf head silhouette sporting a pair of sunglasses - cheeky right? I hadn’t seen or thought about this logo in years, but came across it after my strikeoffs of Foundation fabric arrived. An idea hit me and I ran with it!

Groovy Wolf Free Pattern

Adding to an immense pillow collection we had made for the look book, we made three Groovy Wolf pillows, all sporting a different pair of glasses. The free appliqué pattern for these is here.

Groovy Wolf Free Pattern

After the pillows, I couldn’t shake the idea of an extra groovy wolf, and by that I mean rainbow, as a patch on the back of a denim jacket. I pieced small scraps together then formed them into the wolf appliqué. I found a pretty inexpensive jean vest, fused it to the back and stitched it with down with a clear zigzag.


Also, if you happen to have any of this amazing glittery fabric, it makes great lenses for the sunglasses!

Groovy Wolf Free Pattern

Get the Groovy Wolf Free Pattern HERE!



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