DIY Metal Quilt Ladder August 16 2013, 11 Comments

I didn't stand a chance at not becoming a creative soul. Both of my parents are incredibly creative! They each have their own outlets. My Mom quilts, crafts, sews, etc. My dad can build just about anything you would like and has a great eye for color. He is Sassafras Lane's biggest supporter. He helps stuff patterns, gives us a sometimes needed third opinion, helped put together the Orange Studio and is constantly looking for ways to help. The idea of a quilt ladder came up when my parents were renovating the house. We found the perfect spot and started brainstorming. My Dad headed off to the hardware store and came back with an amazing idea and all the materials. 

He started to put together galvanized steel pipes. You know, the stuff used for plumbing! It was really greasy and we had our doubts. But once he cleaned it all up and brought it in, we loved it! The ladder has 7 rungs and hangs 4 inches off the wall.

If there is any interest in a tutorial to make one yourself, let me know. I will get in cahoots with my Dad! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Friday!