Sewology Sunday - Machine Appliqué

This tutorial originally appeared over on the Timeless Treasures blog and features the fox from our Zoey's Zoo quilt pattern. We have a few patterns that include machine appliqué elements, but Zoey's Zoo is our first appliqué centered pattern. So, we thought we would whip up a little tutorial on how we like to do machine appliqué. Here we go!


STEP 1: Gather what you will need: fusible webbing, fabric, marker, reversed appliqué pattern, matching threads, sharp fabric scissors, sewing machine and iron.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 2: Trace the appliqué pattern onto the paper side of the fusible webbing.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 3: Cut out the traced pieces leaving at least ¼” around all edges.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 4: Iron the traced pieced onto the wrong side of the fabrics that coordinate.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 5: Using your sharp fabric scissors, cut out the pieces along the traced lines.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 6: Peel the paper off the back of the pieces. Make sure the shiny webbing stays on the fabric.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 7: Layer the pieces onto the background fabric. Arrange everything how you want it and fuse it down with a hot iron.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 8: Using a blanket stitch or zigzag, sew along the edges of the appliqué, catching the fabric edge. I love the look of a blanket stitch (used here) but if the project will get lots of wear and love, a zigzag will last longer.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

STEP 9: Switch threads until you’ve stitched down all the appliqué pieces.

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

And Voila! You are done!

Machine Appliqué Tutorial!

Here is the finished mini quilt I made with this little appliqué fox!

Mr. Fox Mini Quilt

Our other patterns that have a few appliqué elements are the Piccadilly Circle, Lullaby Lane and Cassidy Crossover. Appliqué allows us to add odd shapes and fun elements to quilts. Have some fun with it let us know how it goes! Happy Sewing!




sharon said:

HI ! Love the fox ! How do I go about on getting this applique fox ? I am sorry is there a way to get this applique ? . Thank You for your time.


Tammy said:

would like to know if you sell the templates for the lion I am making the zoey’s zoo lion quilt and need a template. I bought this pattern and there is no template in it for any of the animals. Thanks , Tammy Voss


Khris said:

Will you make a tutorial on how to put the applique animals on a Jean jacket?

Katy S.

Katy S. said:

I’m just starting the Zootropolis quilt and am having trouble wrapping my head around the animals that overlap into the boarder. Should I sew the quilt top together before appliquéing these animals? How do I do a partial fuse? It would be nice to see a tutorial on how Flamingo or Elephant would be done. The fox is easy! (Maybe add a few steps to this tutorial?). Thank you!

Susanne Nicholls

Susanne Nicholls said:

I am making the Zootropolis appliqué quilt and my question is, do I iron the appliqué right along the bottom or side of the square or do I allow for a 1/4" seam allowance?

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