Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin! June 25 2013, 1 Comment

The death of Google Reader is approaching!

I will fully admit, I felt completely lost when I got the email from Google saying Reader would be ending. My first thought was "Crap! Where am I going to read all my blogs?" I ignored the approaching deadline until I stumbled upon Bloglovin. I signed up for an account and the first thing it asked me was "Would you like to import your blogs from Google Reader?" I answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!" At least my blogs could be stored while I figure out a new solution. 

One day, when I should have been drawing diagrams for a new pattern, I started poking around Bloglovin. I am a pro at procrastination! I quickly fell in love with the layout and aesthetic feel. It kind of reminded me of Pinterest, but for blogs! 

Here is Sassafras Lane on Bloglovin'. Pretty nice, right?

Once I got a handle for how everything worked, I went to my little icon and clicked "manage blogs you follow." From here I categorized all the blogs I followed.

I chose short and simple names: Capture It (photography), Design It (graphics), Draw It (art), Eat It (food), Explore It (travel), Sew It (quilting), Style It (interiors) and Wear It (fashion). I am sure there will be more as I find more and more blogs to follow! Here is how the categories appear on the right side of your home page.

There are a few ways to find blogs to follow. You can go to "Top Blogs" and chose a category.  Here I clicked on DIY & Crafts. Lots of goodies in there!

Another way to find fun stuff is to click on "Popular Posts." Here is the view of the Travel category. This and Photography are my favorite to scroll through and dream.

Here are some quick links to help you get started: