Busy Busy Busy June 24 2013, 0 Comments

I have been really bad about blogging for the last week! I apologize. I have been busy, busy, busy. In other news, we are renovating! Which is fun and exciting, but tiring. 

Mom and I spent a large chunk of time and money at Ikea this weekend. We finally found good solution for under her longarm machine. We are ditching the cheap plastic drawers, yippee! Instead, we found some great base kitchen cabinets that will slide perfectly under the longarm table. With an assortment of styles, she will have room for her thread and our hardware. There will be some before and after pictures later. 

Top: Our car is stuffed to the brim with Ikea goodies.

Left: A wonderful box of fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics for our next pattern!! =] Hint: it is a baby quilt.

Right: The silly cat is playing peek-a-boo.


Left: The only WIP I have been working on! I saw all my oops triangles from my Lombard Street quilt sitting there looking all pathetic and I wanted to sew on something mindless. 

Top: I have decided to name the bunny that visits me everyday after work, Winston.

Bottom: Pictures are starting to surface from our weekend in Boston. That is me and the bf.


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Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more information on our new pattern and photos of the renovations!