This week was long.... But hey, June 14 2013, 0 Comments

It is FFFRRRIIIDDDAAAYYY!! I am always excited for Fridays, but I am especially thankful for the end of this particular week!


Work was super busy! We were shooting for a new video series: Quiltmaker's Block Network. It will begin July 8, and yes, yours truly will be starring in few (despite my pleading!). Here are some fun photos from the set this week. Lots and lots of work! But it was a fun experience. (One I hope to never repeat =] )


I also finished the quilt top that will be published in September. I am absolutely loving the Art Gallery fabrics I am using! They are Yummy! Well, technically it is Urban Mod! I also bent a needle... It was quite impressive.


I also received a deliciously generous stack of fabric from Free Spirit for another Quiltmaker project. I can't wait to get started on that one too! I have added it to my enormous "To Be Sewn" pile. This weekend, I unfortunately will not be doing much sewing... It is time to do some computer work, pattern writing and the sort. We have some wonderful, new and unique patterns in our heads we just have to get onto paper, then fabric! I should be able to cram in some Doctor Who episodes while I work though =]


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