Quilt Shops in our Neck-of-the-Woods May 04 2013, 2 Comments

At the beginning of the month, we went on a little shop hop of the quilt stores in our area. Little is not the right word because we put quite a few miles on my little Mazda. But, we thought, what better way to introduce ourselves to local quilt shops, then to go visit all of them! Plus, there were still some we had yet to see. So on one Saturday morning, we loaded up the car with complimentary pattern packs, coffee and snacks and headed out on our adventure! We hit around a dozen quilt shops in one day! Here are some of the highlights:

Stop #1: The Quilter's Studio in Longmont, CO

This fun modern shop is in the heart of old town Longmont. The three shop owners, Sheri, Dawn and Ann, have a great variety of fabric, notions, books and patterns. Plus, there is a huge classroom with exposed brick. There are few things in this world I love more than exposed brick. 

Sassafras Lane Designs - The Quilter's Studio

Stop #2: Laughing Ladies Quilting in Berthoud, CO

This shop has the perfect name! Every time we have been in there, someone is giggling. The shop has many creative displays, including a large vintage bicycle with patterns clipped to the spokes. It is super cute! This shop has a great selection of traditional and batik fabric. 

Sassafras Lane Designs - Laughing Ladies Quilting

Stop #3: Quilter's Stash in Windsor, CO

If this shop was my stash, I would never leave!! This shop has stacks and stacks of fabric bolts. They have a fantastic selection of batiks and cribs (yes actual cribs) filled with bolts. The walls are stuffed with amazing and inspiring samples!

Sassafras Lane Designs - Quilter's Stash

Stop #4: The Fig Leaf in Fort Collins, CO

This unique shop is a quilt shop inside of a furniture store. It is incredibly neat! Walking in, it looks like a standard furniture store, and then poof: there are fabric bolts! They have an amazing selection of modern, solid, novelty and batik fabrics. Plus, you can shop for furniture at the same time! 

Sassafras Lane Designs - The Fig Leaf

Stop #5: Mama Said Sew in Fort Collins, CO

This shop is a new destination in old town Fort Collins. It is a modern quilter's heaven. Geared towards a younger audience, the fabric selection is filled with fun prints, including Japanese fabrics. This shop has definitely been added to my "need to visit much more frequently" list!

Sassafras Lane Designs - Mama Said Sew

Stop #6: Quilting Hands in Lyons, CO

This quilt shop is filled, and I mean FILLED to the brim with quilty goodness There are bolts and bolts of fabric. You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for here. The staff is fun, friendly and full of knowledge. If an awesome quilt shop isn't enough, there is a great coffee shop (The Stone Cup) around the corner!

Sassafras Lane Designs - Quilting Hands

Stop #7: Fabricate in Boulder, CO

This shop is a modern fabric boutique and sewing studio. They have a fun variety of contemporary fabrics and great selection of books. The space is a small house, remodeled into a store and has lots of character. We bought some orange heavier weight cotton fabric with hippos on it!

Sassafras Lane Designs - Fabricate

Sassafras Lane Designs - Fabricate

Stop #8: The Quilt Store in Broomfield, CO (a very frequent stop!)

This is our shop. And I don't mean 'our' as in we own it, but as is we are there often! Ann and Lou, the owners, are good friends of ours and we teach our mystery classes there on a regular basis. I may be a little bias, but they have a great fabric, pattern and notion selection. 

Sassafras Lane Designs - The Quilt Store

(All the photos in the post, except the one with the hippos and I, are taken from the websites and Facebook pages of the stores.)

We will post again when we go on our next outing! In other Sassafras Lane news, today was day one of our two day mystery! All the different colors are great! I can't want to see how the blocks come together tomorrow! I will try to post photos soon!

Happy weekend! Enjoy the snow, if you are in our neck-of-the-woods! Thanks for stopping by!