Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh

We are back! We needed about a week to recover, fill orders and get situated after Quilt Market. It was so much fun! We met amazing people, were inspired in every row and were exhausted when we got back! This is a photo heavy post to show you our booth and all six of our new patterns: Churndash Court, Euclid Avenue, Prism Parkway, Mulholland Drive, Shelby Satchel and Zoey's Zoo

An overall shot of our booth.

Some table details.

My Mom is ready for Day 1.

Side view of the booth where you can see all four animals in Zoey's Zoo.

The Shelby Satchel hanging on the post.

Me and Mom ready to take on Quilt Market with coffee in hand!

Stay tuned for at least one other blog post about Quilt Market in Pittsburgh! It will be chalked full of other beautiful booths, awesome people and some silliness! Thank you for stopping by!


Ramona Putnam

Ramona Putnam said:

I had to stop in and say hello. I recently submitted a quilt block on AccuQuilt block challenge. It was inspired by a tile block I spotted on Pinterest and I was so proud to have created an ‘original’ quilt block pattern. (You can see it here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/56013589090883431/)

Today I spotted your Euclid pattern and I swear it’s the very same block. So much for originality! LOL I guess we just keep recreating and renewing… or we’re inspired by the same sort of things. :-) That pattern should really make some interesting quilts based on color placement. Can’t wait to see what is created from it.

I originally stopped by for your Prism Parkway. Love that pattern!


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