My New Couch Quilt March 07 2014, 1 Comment

We make a lot of quilts. Almost all of them are Sassafras Lane designs and we don't really use these. We display them, take photos of them and use them at trade shows to help sell the patterns. So, every once in awhile I have the opportunity to make a quilt just for me! The quilt was a color option for The Right Slice quilt pattern in Quiltmaker Nov/Dec '13. I made the quilt top awhile back, and it just recently snuck to the top of my mom's quilting pile.

I used some luscious fabrics from FreeSpirit fabrics. I used the orange and pink fabrics from the Tangier Ikat fabric line and lots of solids and designer basics. I love the scrappy look of this and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! 

I didn't need any fancy quilting on this one, just something simple to get it onto my couch =] My mom did some fantastically fast straight line quilting across the quilt at different widths. The quilting is perfect for how busy the quilt is! 

I threw it into the tree to take some photos. The back light was pretty strong so you can see the seams through the quilt. I also put it on the fence to get some nice images of the entire quilt. I made 30 blocks, so it is a little wider than the pattern in the magazine. Big enough for two people and a cat to cuddle under during a movie! 

Quilt Stats:

It is always a good feeling to get a quilt back and put it to use! It was quickly cat approved. Now, getting the pink and orange quilt approved by the boyfriend will be my next battle! =] Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous Friday!